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IUBAT Electrical and Electronics Engineering Society (IEEES) has been established to encourage the growth of skill and knowledge in the electrical and electronics related technical professions to encourage individual commitment to continuing education among IEEES members.

The aspiration of IEEES is to form a team of EEE students of IUBATwho can carry out different educational and shared tasks to enhance their academic performance with the up to date development in the electrical engineering field, prepare them for the job market, build up superior communication proficiency and develop understanding among membership and larger IUBAT community as well forge team spirit and management aptitude among the IEEES members.

The IEEES is managing regular conferences to improve communication, organizing occasional entertaining events to sustain a vigorous learning atmosphere, organizing learning sessions and tutorials to promote academic performance, organizing project fair and study tours to strengthen creativity and sharing knowledge among the members.

IEEES has a vision to arrange an inter university project fair where students from different groups will show their creativity and technically benefit. Members of IEEES will be able to share their knowledge with the members and students of other communities. Moreover, IEEES has organized industrial workshop to help the students know about practical activities. In addition, this workshop assists the students regarding transformer making procedure, power generation, transmission and distribution procedure. IEEES also organized blood donation program, collecting fund for flood affected people, iftar party, sports, tournaments, departmental orientation for freshman, collecting fund for sick students, etc.

From its inception IEEES has already established its name and fame as a well established society.